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View open ports: Let Trojan True Features

Currently the most common Trojan is usually based on TCP / UDP protocol for client-side and server-side communication between, since the use of the two agreements will, inevitably, to the server-side (that is, the machine is kind of a Trojan horse was) open listening port to wait for the connection. For example, using the famous glaciers listen port is 7626, Back Orifice 2000 is the use of 54320 and so on. So, we can use the view of the machine open ports to check whether they have been kind of a Trojan horse or other hacker programs. The following is a detailed method description.

1. Windows itself comes with the netstat command

On the netstat command, we first look at windows help file description:


Display protocol statistics and current TCP / IP network connection. This command is only installed TCP / IP protocol before they can use.

netstat [-a] [-e] [-n] [-s] [-p protocol] [-r] [interval]



Show all connections and listening ports. Server connection does not usually.


Display Ethernet statistics. This parameter can be used in conjunction with the-s option.


In digital format address and port number (instead of trying to find the name).


Show the statistics for each protocol. By default, the display TCP, UDP, ICMP and IP statistics. -P option can be used to specify the default subset.

-P protocol

Protocol specified by the agreement shows the connection; protocol can be tcp or udp. If used in conjunction with the-s option to display statistics for each protocol, protocol can be tcp, udp, icmp, or ip.


Display routing table contents.


Re-display the selected statistics, pausing between each display interval seconds. Press CTRL + B to stop re-display statistics. If this parameter is omitted, netstat will print the current configuration information once.

Well, read the help file, we should understand to use the netstat command. Let us now study the current use, use this command to look at open ports on your machine. Access to the command line, use the netstat command of a and n are two parameters:

C:> netstat-an

Active Connections

Proto Local Address Foreign Address State

Explain, Active Connections is the current active connection of the machine, Proto is the protocol used to connect the name, Local Address is the local computer's IP address and port number being used to connect, Foreign Address is connected to the port of the remote computer's IP address and port number, State is that the state of TCP connections, you can see three rows behind the listening port is UDP protocol, so there is no State that state. Look! My machine's 7626 port is already open, is listening to wait for connections, like this case very likely have been infected with the ice! Quickly disconnected from the network, killing the virus with anti-virus software is the right approach.


2. Work under the command line in windows2000 tool fport

Using windows2000 friend than use windows9X lucky, because you can use fport this program to display open ports and process the native correspondence.

Fport is FoundStone produced a system to list all open TCP / IP and UDP ports, and their corresponding application's full path, PID logos, names and other information of the software process. Use the command line, see example:

D:> fport.exe
FPort v1.33 - TCP / IP Process to Port Mapper
Copyright 2000 by Foundstone, Inc.

Pid Process Port Proto Path
748 tcpsvcs -> 7 TCP C: WINNTSystem32 tcpsvcs.exe
748 tcpsvcs -> 9 TCP C: WINNTSystem32tcpsvcs.exe
748 tcpsvcs -> 19 TCP C: WINNTSystem32tcpsvcs.exe
416 svchost -> 135 TCP C: WINNTsystem32svchost.exe

Is not readily seen. This time, what is the procedure in all ports open to all under the eyes of you. If there is a suspicious program opens a suspicious port, be sure not to the effect that Oh, maybe that is a sly Trojan Horse!

Fport the latest version is 2.0. In many sites available for download, but for safety reasons, of course, it is best to go home under:

3. Fport function with graphical interface tools like Active Ports

Active Ports produced as SmartLine, you can use to monitor the computer all open TCP / IP / UDP port, not only will you be shown all the ports, all ports are also shown where the path corresponding procedures, the local IP and remote IP (attempting to connect to your computer IP) whether it is activities.

Is not very intuitive? Even better, it also provides a closed port function, use it to find your horse in the open port, you can immediately shut down the port. The software work in Windows NT/2000/XP platforms. You can get it in

In fact, users do not use windows xp with other software that can be correspondence between the port and the process, because the windows xp brought the netstat command more than the previous version of an O parameter, this parameter can be obtained using the port and the corresponding process years.

See above description of several local open ports, and the corresponding relationship between the port and process methods, these methods can be easily found based on TCP / UDP protocol Trojans hope that I can help you bring the love machine. But the emphasis on the Trojans against, and if the Trojans run into a rebound port, use the driver and dynamic link library technical production of a new Trojan horse, the above method is difficult to identify traces of a Trojan. Therefore, we must develop good surfing habits, do not run email attachments free, install a antivirus software, such as domestic Rising killing viruses and Trojan horses is a good helper. Download the software from the Internet first, again with antivirus software and re-use, open the network when the Internet firewall and virus real-time monitoring, to protect their machines are not hateful Trojan invasion.

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Foreign general manager of Intel low-key arrival in shaping China's power structure

Intel, the former Asia Pacific Marketing Director Jane Angel has a low profile last week as China, a joint general manager of Intel China's history as the first foreign female general manager.

Intel spokesman told reporters the company confirmed that the company has announced the appointment, but so far has not officially released the news to the outside world.

Jane Angel reporter's interview revealed that she will be specifically responsible for marketing, but six months before she became general manager of China will be mainly in charge of sales Lai Yit Loong.

Intel completed the transfer of power in China

Analysts believe that China simply as joint general manager Angel means that Intel's new power structure in China has basically formed.

From October 1, 2000 start time in more than four years, Yang has sole power in charge of Intel China, China's regional and solely responsible for sales, marketing departments concerned.

Earlier this year, Malaysian Lai Yit Loong Yang started with the common position as General Manager of China, which is "TwoInOneBox" (dual-in-one) mode for the first time applied in China, but also seen as Yang fade a power core Intel China signal.

In mid-last month, Yang was jointly announced the appointment of General Manager of Asia Pacific, and John Antone, general manager of Asia-Pacific region together with the original charge of Asia-Pacific region. The outside world once thought that Lai Yit Loong will monopolize power in China.

The simple representation of Angel once again confirmed a pattern of dictatorial power in the Intel China has become history. Her previous job as director of marketing for Intel's Asia-Pacific region, has 11 years at Intel as a variety of marketing positions, including: Intel's director of global marketing strategy, marketing director of Intel Japan, the company channels and product marketing managers, and is responsible for channel activities, global business development manager.

The new brand slogan also appeared

According to Intel insiders, in addition to CEO, COO and other posts, Intel in many key management positions in other practice "double-in-one" model is the general trend.

Intel began two years ago decided to except Europe, Japan emerging markets outside the mature markets to implement its unique management style. In Intel's view, emerging markets such as China, India, Russia occupying the proportion of Intel's overall sales increased year by year, overall sales of Intel's contribution also will increase.

Concern is with the simple appearance of the Angel at the same time also includes Intel's new brand slogan "I have a Intel." Jane Angel said, is a popular slogan of "Intelinside" will be complemented by efforts to highlight the feeling of a private-owned.

Jane Angel in talking about knowledge of the Chinese market when our reporter that China has become the world's second largest market for Intel, she will work within the shortest time in China surpassed the U.S. as Intel, the world's largest market.

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Zack Rusin interviewed the beauty and magic of KDE

This year's KDE World Summit (KDE World Summit, more well-known name is aKademy) at the University of Malaga in Spain, the conference is the most anticipated KDE developer Zack Rusin fascinating presentation "Beauty and Magic for KDE developers . " He has long been the main KDE developer, recently admitted to the Qt graphical user interface library of developer Trolltech, employ full-time developers. With the deepening of the meeting, participants heard more and more Zack will demonstrate the amazing visual effects. So a lot of the audience crowded in a lecture theater, the wait for this exciting presentation. But they are disappointed that speech to be delayed due to technical problems two days, we are anxious heart itching. Finally solved the problem, Zack made a whirlwind presentation on Unix / Linux graphical development status and future direction.

Zack during the meeting accepted the KDE organization's "comrades in arms with the trenches" Daniel Molkentin interview, detailing his KDE development.

1) Please briefly introduce myself.

Today, I and a friend whom I respect a conversation, he said I unique is that things can not become a reality. This is what I heard the most flattering words. So my self-description is: I can not let things become a real person.

2) Your company has recently entered the Trolltech, the concrete is done about it?

I Trolltech's job is to create something that others can only dream of. Of course, the main interest in computer graphics, but not limited to - research and development company has given me full freedom.

3) the contribution of your past What?

Main is a new acceleration architecture Render and Exa. Render is a new rendering model for X, it has a shadow, translucent, font anti-aliasing capabilities.

4) Exa in aKademy Assembly into focus, you can specifically tell us?

Exa is based on the KAA (Kdrive Acceleration Architecture, KDrive accelerating structure) of the simplified acceleration architecture. KDrive Keith Packard is a modular X server implementation, KAA KDrive can get. And before the old XAA (XFree86 Acceleration Architecture, XFree86 acceleration architecture) different, Exa has been designed to speed up the XRender, it is small, simple, flexible, and allows X developers to create various special effects.

5) before and Exa graphics acceleration technology to accelerate XRender What's the difference?

XRender developed by Keith Packard's new rendering technology, before that X can only rely on very limited primitive. In order to catch up with development needs, now or in the client application, rendering, and not to use these primitives (they only had to render the image transmitted to the X server), or by XRender. Unfortunately, XAA is mainly used to accelerate those old and unused primitives. The Exa the new model-specific acceleration, will no longer bother the old primitive.

6) everyone can benefit from Exa it?

Yes. Of course the premise that their drivers to support Exa (We have transplanted most of the driver).

7) You use Xgl demonstrates an astounding results. Do you think Xgl have a future?

Yes, Xgl promising. This is our long-term solution. I'm still not finished Xegl because I have a lot of work. With OpenGV and some new plug-ins, OpenGL has become very attractive to all of our 2D solution to the problem.

8) Please tell us about Xgl and Xegl difference.

Xegl is an independent server, but need to run the Xgl X server to start (set the modeline option and processing input are the two most important aspects). They share the same graphics acceleration code, but Xgl the modeline and enter the settings to do the work to another X server, which provides the OpenGL graphics acceleration to determine Xegl test basis.

9) KDE's cube effect of more and more like Apple's OS X, is not inspired by OS X?

I want to clarify that cube effect designed by Dave Reveman, I do not want to claim credit. As for your question, my answer is: I hope not.

Optical design of special effects is easy, but easy to use yet beautiful design of special effects is difficult. Effect on the desktop design, the excellent design and poor design is but one step away, KDE 4's Plasma one of the biggest challenges is to weigh the tradeoff between the two.

If you just copy the design, we can not be the best. Innovation is not dead, Plasma is our answer. In KDE's history, designers, developers and usability experts together for the first time to conduct an organized development. Three teams working in parallel, so graphic design and usability will not be like other open source projects as well just have to wait until additional software design up. They are now the core of our development model components.

10) You work in to when they could be completed?

The new Render and Exa has entered the. The next step is Xgl, then Xegl. Until 7.0 is completed, we will start Xgl and Xegl project.

11) Since the X11 launch, has been a long time. Upcoming 7.0, in which aspects of the revolutionary?

It is the first modular version, so very special. Drivers and servers do not have to integrate, we will release the driver and server.

12) the user can get from the modular What are the benefits?

They do not have to go to upgrade when upgrading drivers the server. Driver upgrade independently. 7.0 will reduce the novice to the development of fear of X, users will experience a significant performance upgrade, which will attract many users to upgrade to 7.0.

13) To take full advantage of the new technology, Qt What adjustment do?

Qt for me is the driving force behind the scenes, while the applications and the desktop environment is the motivation to promote the development server. But the server itself is no fun at all, its only purpose is to meet the needs of desktop development. We have engaged in anti-this time around the relationship between the server hard at solving the problem, we are now back on track, innovation is our real work.

14) you, Qt, KDE, and Linux's future expectations?

I want people to bold innovation - afraid of surprise, fear can not do. We now have sufficiently advanced technology, and only the best ideas. Therefore, on the meaningful exchange and designers.

Obviously, vector graphics will gradually become popular. Qt will support the SVG 1.2 standard, and at different levels make use of this standard (including animation support). At present most of the SVG icon themes are developed with, but for performance reasons are converted to PNG format. This situation will soon change, since the image will not render SVG slower than the raster image rendering.

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Sina's brilliant and bleak: 5 CEO change

Sina May 9 released the first quarter of 2006, the unaudited financial statements, total revenue 46.7 million U.S. dollars; the same period the total revenue of 66.1 million U.S. dollars NetEase, TOM 4858 million, while Baidu's rapid growth as the industry praise highly. Frequent CEO turnover, weak growth performance, and the spread of the acquired information from time to time, it all seems to indicate that Sina "overweening" era upstarts in the attack of old friends drift away.
Risk Investment Sina big as the first site in Chinese

Sina Sina predecessor company was founded in late 1998, the SRS Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Hua Fang Yuan IT company merger. Among them, the four-way share 60% of the total profit side, SinaNet 40% of total shares. Lee Stone Chinese side is a professional software product development, sales and service joint venture company, by the Stone Group, "Chinese Star" inventor Wang Zhidong, and CCDOS inventor Yan Yuanchao was co-founded in December 1993.

Stone Libya in September 1997 successfully introduced three of Walden International Investment Group and other international high-tech venture capital firm, the implementation of international transformation, is the first to introduce risk investment mechanism and management of software companies in Silicon Valley. The introduction of venture capital, not only for the SINA provides the funds needed for development, but also introduced international advanced management concepts, Sina bigger brand for the future foundation, but also the dispersion of equity for the future foreshadowed.

Sina News of the success of the original sports Sharon Stone Libya site moderator, vice president of Sina, editor in chief Chen Tong inseparable. Early, Chen Tong recognized the Internet as a communication platform for sporting events, and other traditional media, compared with time-sensitive features. World Cup 1997 Top 10 race in Asia, Chen Tong through various means, to establish contacts with users in all arenas, through the various competitions around the correspondents to gather information, create a precedent for the webcast, so the number of visits increased substantially in the short term, the establishment of China's first soccer website status. In addition, the editorial team of some of Sina from the "China Youth Daily" and other traditional media, news sensitivities. Advantage team under the leadership of a high-quality news Sina important reason for success.

Sina's World Cup in France in 1998 to report on the blockbuster. After the Sina news center in the Kosovo war, the Taiwan earthquake, China's accession to WTO, the Sydney Olympic Games, "911" and other major events of the reports was a great success, firmly established in the global Chinese website Sina's powerful advantage.

The Sina Sina news by virtue of the strong sentiment to gather together, in one fell swoop became the first Chinese portal site, and successfully into the economy of this attention tremendous business value. First quarter of 2006, SINA net revenue 46.7 million U.S. dollars, of which advertising revenue 22.2 million U.S. dollars, net profit of seven million U.S. dollars, net profit margin as high as 15% on corporate accounts is to have 300 million U.S. dollars more in cash.

CEO for five years developing embarrassed

Sina CEO is not known from the 1999 sand Masaharu beginning to surgery, specializing in Lots of good dance Mao Daolin capital, prime retreat of Wang Yan, the financial background of Charles Chao, has been replaced within a short span of seven years had five. Meanwhile, the same dramatic change in the board of directors.瀵逛簬涓?釜骞存敹鍏ョ害涓や嚎缇庡厓鐨勪笂甯傚叕鍙革紝濡傛棰戠箒鐨勯珮绠″彉鍔紝浼间箮涓嶈兘瀹屽叏鐢ㄤ簰鑱旂綉鍙樺够鑾祴銆佽涓氱壒鎬х悍绻佸鏉傛潵瑙i噴锛屾洿涓嶈濡傛柊娴懀浜嬮暱娈垫案鍩烘墍瑷??杩欏緢姝e父鈥濄?

銆?浠籆EO鐜嬪織涓滅殑杈炶亴涓昏鏄洜涓猴細鍏徃鑲′环鎸佺画璧颁綆锛屼笌钁d簨浼氭矡閫氫笉鐣咃紝钁d簨浼氬煁鎬ㄧ帇蹇椾笢鎷夸笉鍑轰竴涓叿浣撶殑鍙墽琛岀殑璧㈠埄鏂规锛屼粠鑰屽鑷翠簡鐜嬪織涓滅殑绂诲紑銆備絾鏄紝鍊煎緱涓?彁鐨勬槸2000骞磋嚦2001骞达紝姝f槸涓浗浜掕仈缃戣涓氭场娌牬鐏湡锛屾暣涓涓氳偂浠峰浜庤蛋浣庣姸鎬併?鍏徃鑲′环鐨勬寔缁蛋浣庯紝骞朵笉鏄釜浣撴墍鑳介樆鎸$殑銆?br />
銆??鑰岀浜屼换CEO鑼呴亾涓寸鑱屽悓鏍锋槸涓氱哗娆犱匠锛氬湪鏂板叴涓氬姟涓婏紝鐢典俊澧炲?涓庡湪绾挎父鎴忥紝鏂版氮璧锋閮芥槸鏈?櫄鐨勶紝瀵艰嚧鏂版氮娌¤兘鍦ㄨ繖涓ゆ柟闈㈡湁鎵?缓鏍戯紱濮滀赴骞存浘褰撶潃鑼呴亾涓寸殑闈㈡嬁璧风數璇濓紝涓?釜涓?釜鍚戠鐞嗗眰寰佽鎰忚鏃讹紝闄や簡鎶?湳鎬荤洃涓ユ彺鏈濇病鏈夎〃鎬佸锛屽嚑涔庢墍鏈夌殑绠$悊灞傞兘鍋氬嚭浜嗏?鍊掕寘鈥濈殑琛ㄧず銆傛渶鍚庯紝钁d簨浼氫互鍥涚エ瀵逛笁绁ㄢ?鍚屾剰鈥濅簡鑼呴亾鏋楄緸鑱岀殑鍐冲畾銆?br />
銆??鑷充簬姹欢鐨勭洓骞撮殣閫?紝涓昏褰掔粨浜庝笉鏂鏀惰喘鐨勪紶闂诲拰涓氬姟涓嬫粦銆傝?鏂版氮2006骞翠竴瀛e害璐㈡姤鏄剧ず锛屽埄娑﹀悓姣斾笅璺?2%鐨勪簨瀹烇紝涔熶娇姹欢鐨勭寮?灏戝甫鏈変竴浜涒?寮曞拵鈥濈殑鎰忓懗銆?br />

銆?垬鐣ユ憞鎽嗕笉瀹?澶氬厓鍖栫瓥鐣ュ薄灞″彈鎸?br />
銆??CEO鐨勫彉鏇存墍瀵艰嚧鐨勪竴涓壇浜у搧锛屾槸鏂版氮鎴樼暐鐨勬憞鎽嗕笉瀹氥?鍥為【鏂版氮鐨勫彂灞曞彶锛氱帇蹇椾笢浣滀负鏂版氮鍓嶈韩鍥涢?鍒╂柟鍏徃鐨勫垱濮嬩汉銆佸叕鍙稿彂灞曞垵鏈熷綋瀹朵骇鍝佺殑鍙戞槑浜猴紝鍏跺彂灞曟垬鐣ヤ腑甯︽湁鏄庢樉鐨勬妧鏈鍚戙?鐒惰?锛岄殢鐫?帇蹇椾笢鐨勫嚭灞?紝鏂版氮閭d釜鎶?湳鑷充笂鐨勫勾浠d篃闅忎箣杩滃幓銆?br />


銆??闅忓悗锛屾柊娴倓鎮勬壄杞簡鏂瑰悜锛岃浆鍚戜紒涓氭湇鍔″钩鍙伴鍩熴?2002骞?鏈?5鏃ワ紝鏂版氮瀹e竷杩涘叆浼佷笟淇℃伅鍖栨湇鍔¢鍩熴?鍚屽勾4鏈?鏃ワ紝鑼呴亾涓村湪缇庡浗瀹e竷浜嗘柊娴湭鏉ョ殑鍙戝睍鏂瑰悜銆傛柊娴綉鏇村悕涓烘柊娴紝涓嬭緰鏂版氮缃戯紙SINA.com锛夈?鏂版氮浼佷笟鏈嶅姟锛圫INA.net锛夈?鏂版氮鍦ㄧ嚎Sol锛?SINA Online锛夌瓑涓変釜鐙珛浜嬩笟浣撱?鍏朵腑锛屾柊娴綉鎻愪緵缃戠粶濯掍綋鍙婂ū涔愭湇鍔★紱鏂版氮浼佷笟鏈嶅姟鍒囧叆鏀垮簻銆佷紒涓氱殑鍏ㄩ潰鍖栫綉缁滄湇鍔¢鍩燂紝涓轰紒涓氭彁渚涘叏濂楃綉缁滆В鍐虫柟妗堬紱鏂版氮鐑嚎灏嗗湪绐勫甫銆佸甯︺?鏃犵嚎绛夐鍩燂紝鎺ㄥ嚭鏇村鍏ㄦ柊闈㈠悜缃戠粶鐢ㄦ埛鐨勫鍊间俊鎭湇鍔℃ā寮忋?


缃戞槗銆乀OM銆佺櫨搴︾殑鎴愬姛鏃犱笉寰楃泭浜庡涓?」涓氬姟鐨勪笓娉ㄤ笌鎴樼暐鐨勭ǔ瀹氥?缃戞槗鑷?003骞村皢鑷繁瀹氫綅涓衡?涓浗棰嗗厛鐨勪簰鑱旂綉鎶?湳銆佸湪绾挎父鎴忓拰鏃犵嚎澧炲?涓氬姟鎻愪緵鍟嗏?浠ユ潵锛屾棤绾垮鍊间竴鐩存槸缃戞槗閲嶈鐨勬敹鍏ユ潵婧愩?浣嗘槸浠?005骞寸涓夊搴﹀紑濮嬶紝缃戞槗璐㈡姤涓殑鍏徃瀹氫綅鍘绘帀浜嗏?鏃犵嚎澧炲?鈥濓紝鏀逛负鈥滀腑鍥介鍏堢殑浜掕仈缃戞妧鏈?鍦ㄧ嚎娓告垙鏈嶅姟鎻愪緵鍟嗏?銆傝繖鏍囧織鐫?綉鏄撴寮忓壊鑸嶆棤绾夸笟鍔★紝涓撴敞浜庢父鎴忋?绀惧尯銆傚浠婏紝缃戞槗80%鐨勬敹鍏ユ潵婧愪簬鍦ㄧ嚎娓告垙銆?br />


銆??浼撮殢鐫?珮绠″彉鍔ㄥ拰涓氱哗涓嶆尟锛屾柊娴偂涓滅粨鏋勪篃棰戦鍙戠敓闇囪崱銆傚厛鏄洓澶?005骞?鏈?9鏃ュ嚭鍏朵笉鎰忓湴瀹炴柦鏀惰喘锛屽皢19.5%鐨勮偂鏉冪撼鍏ュ泭涓紝涔嬪悗鏉ユ剰涓嶆槑鐨勫痉鍥戒汉Michael J.G. Gleissner涔颁笅浜?.4%鐨勮偂鏉冿紝鑰屽勾鍚庝笌TOM.com鐨勫悎骞朵篃鐢氬殻灏樹笂銆?br />


銆??杩欐牱锛岀敱浜庢柊娴懀浜嬩細澶ц偂涓滈暱鏈熺己浣嶏紝涔熶娇寰楀叕鍙歌偂涓滅殑鍒╃泭鏃犳硶寰楀埌鏈夋晥淇濋殰銆備簬鏄紝鏄旀棩鐨勪腑鏂囩涓?獟浣撳湪缁忚繃涓冨勾鐨勬礂绀煎悗锛岃蛋杩囨様鏃ョ殑鑽h?鍜岃緣鐓岋紝鎷栫潃鏃犻檺鐣欐亱鐨勮剼姝ヨ蛋鍚戦化鐒剁殑鍓嶆柟銆?br />


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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Silicon Valley Women difficult to seek higher

Reference to the global hi-tech zone, non-Silicon Valley is it. However, the world's first Science and Technology Industrial Park, in the sex "campaign" was behind in other areas. According to Agence France-Presse reported 17 University of California, recently found that many companies in Silicon Valley, members of the Board only 6.5% of women, while only 8.8% of these women can occupy the highest position the company.

The survey sample of 400 turnover of more than 100 million U.S. dollars of the company. The survey, only 10.2% of women in leading positions in the company.

The 400 companies in 103, based in Silicon Valley. According to the survey data, high-tech jobs in the promotion of women below the average of other commercial districts in California.

Silicon Valley companies, the proportion of female board members is 6.5%, while the overall California average of 8.8%; Silicon Valley company's percentage of female executives was 8.8%, while the overall average was 11.7% in California.

But even in California, these figures are lower than the U.S. average. Based research institutions Catalyst2005 professional women conducted in the two survey results, Nationwide, 14.3% of board members are women, while women occupied 15.7% of the top positions.

Some well-known Silicon Valley companies have begun to change this trend, such as computer giant Hewlett-Packard and software maker Hyperion. The two companies each hold about 31% of women leadership positions. "EBay" eBay's board members, 19% are women. In addition, the company since 1998, is headed by a woman - Meg Whitman - into the glorious era.

"In the Silicon Valley's top companies are mostly high-tech industries such as semiconductors, electronics, and communications. The survey data, these enterprises Bulun is Danren 钁d簨浼?members or executives of the women, the proportion was lower than other companies." Survey sponsors Carter Linuoaili told AFP.

President of Women Entrepreneurs Association of State Christopher Smale that women in fact have strong leadership skills. She said: "Women have superb communication skills, superior intuition, and excellent negotiation skills; we are willing to work with intuition, we are 'multi-tasking' operating system."

Catalyst research survey implemented in 2004 seems to support Meyer's point of view of State. Survey shows that senior positions in the company to increase the number of women, usually lead to better financial results.

This view has also been head of Hyperion Godfrey Sullivan, the company's support, he told reporters: "In my experience, the board and executive team in the gender balance can lead to better business results. team should maintain an outstanding diversity, without diversity, you can not better understand and serve the global market. "


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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

e-cology in the Pan Micro Series 4

Business from outside the portal: do not do similar activities in the national tour, but the pan-Micro online orders from all over

Unlike many traditional software companies spend a lot of money to do all kinds of exhibitions or in the vast scale of the national tour, Weaver has been expensive activity that is not matched by results, so no such pan-micro-activities but through electronically to the Pan-Micro's products send information to our potential customers where potential customers through the public gateway to the Pan-micro-micro-companies and self-understanding of the Pan-Pan Micro products: collaborative commerce system, and this is to ensure the market cost of Touru effectiveness, but also enable the public gateway to the Pan-micro-client is the real potential customers.

CRM module from the Pan-Micro customers in the statistics that 80% of pan-micro-client resources to their Web site: customers all over the country through micro-site about pan-pan, and pan-micro-micro-business synergies products, and through micro-site pan-related products submitted for trial, so that real-time transfer to the pan to use for micro-customer service staff portal, but the customer service log in the system, the system will be reminded to the new external website Client applications, it is our customers staff will apply for the first time to contact clients and send the pan-Micro Product details for more information about our products.

When the customer service staff has confirmed the accuracy of customer data for later transfer to the pan put the micro-processes related to sales account managers on hand, the same client manager access the system, the system will immediately remind the client manager and new customers need to follow up ... ... so we finished quickly collected from the needs of key customers to track the entire process and ensure that all of these processes on the system are recorded and later in the staff appraisal as the basis for the time.

So by e-cology, our micro-site on the pan-only is just a publicity platform, more importantly, let this site become an important source of functional micro-business.

Therefore, through the Pan-Pan-micro-micro collaborative commerce system (e-cology) set up a public portal for the pan to bring a large number of micro-business, colleagues, and the pan from the customer an open micro-contact, and this work into a more efficient electronic operation!

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sword and 4 after customs clearance experience and the Raiders

BOSS has a small type of a maze monster.

Multi-point leveling use to take notes.

More use of the five elements grams of principles can play in the game very good results

Raiders part:

The beginning of the game in the worship of his father, Tian, and then heard the sounds pigs out there, check out the discovery of a wild boar, and then ran into the hole. At this time the grass can go to a house on the left to open the box, you can get the initial equipment. Continue to hole, they found young girls, and girls dialogue, girls use the misty rain running horror franchise, escape, Milky Way continues to chase girls hole. Be notified in several Xiaoguai upgrade, this is very easy to blame the slay seconds, there is heaven and earth is like gossip points and supply points of the record. To the end of the Milky Way began to recall, recall After discovery girls, drama dialogue, that girl called Ling yarn. Then there monsters, the first battle die. So after learning the five spirits after the magic, to the second battle, stay on the line over the last few rounds (3-4 rounds it can first consider the next Xiaoguai kill) in order to protect Ling Tian yarn, took out the sword ready to shoot monsters found sword The breath is the master, and then left. Continue to story dialogue, then ran into the tomb Lingsha curious, Milky Way is also chasing into. Start up animation, Tianhe sword to split the tomb collapsed, Tianhe regret, Ling Tian yarn comfort at this time, then proposed to Milky Way to investigate what the parents, then out of the cave. Back to the house, Milky Way suddenly mad, Lingsha threatened to take his father Tian Tian, Milky Way cool, and then said to go to cabins to take things. Log cabin out in the house right after that article stairs, go straight, turn right to see. After the dialogue to the cabin, followed up the animation. Animation is done and start the maze, the maze is very simple, local supplies, pay attention to hidden boxes. After walking, and finally to the village, the two dialogues, Ling yarn leaving the team, go to our village for shelter. Then go to a stall selling dumplings before, triggering plot. After the war drama dialogue, kick down after a mother, much like the young man found in Milky Way Azure, Milky Way that his father was the village, to keep asking the village head does not answer, because the Milky Way's father was the village head rush He went out Lingsha called Milky Way gas, but with the left. Then Maze, labyrinth fish more terrifying E, maze are areas that need jump, some hiding places have the box, draw attention to the next. To the lake, eating dry rations to sleep. Midnight, Tianhe woke up hungry, up and find out what accidentally awakened the sleeping Lingsha, dialogues Lingsha out to eat rice dumplings to the Milky Way, Milky Way is a finished all the dumplings, Lingsha refused to pay him to Milky Way, Milky Way, said to Lingsha eat roast wild boar, followed by Milky Way Science Citation boar sows called, but it attracted a monster, war. monsters more difficult, playing to a few times, but reading file. so after a few monster then appeared, when animated, purple Britain appears to save both Then after the story, go to Shouyang Lingsha said, and then two sleeping the next day into the city. into the city to go after the Lingsha proposed inn rest, the time to the inn, the diamond yarn temporary change of heart that was not live inn , just some things for Tian said into the inn, called the Milky Way in the outside. then see the Milky Way in the inn outside the warrant and found that those who wanted to make the same yarn and Ling, Tian Guan Ci asked if he knew that the people wanted, Tianhe nod. just Lingsha out, it was tied to the cell into the well. sergeants found in Milky Way and the magistrate to find people similar to the bureaucratic called Milky Way. Yamen the road from the inn will be able to see straight. into Yamen, to the hall, drama dialogue, followed by dinner, Tianhe drank wine, but the liquor power and got wasted numerous. night Lingsha there, called the Milky Way with the bureaucratic, out of the house found wrong Willow House, followed by Maze. The maze monster generally strong, so very carefully against. met a careful Flower or type monster fight, about 300 blood Oh - -


First of all, the first door into the house, went after. There are two houses, the election left the house. And then went in, there are three roads, the right is correct. To move forward, blocked off by walls of the house is correct (that is, one enters behind the front wall). and then go in there 4 the road. three doors left and right can not go wrong before. So take the flower bed that door. go in and select a box house, and then go, there N path, after turn, straight run (see Flower or a monster on the right) enters and is the peach blossom forest. then select a box inside the house, inside, archive, over the bridge to trigger encountered Liu Mengli story. After the dialogue with the dream of their break glass . The next day, went to look for Ling yarn, but encountered the maid, something that dream of glass, called the Milky Way to the lobby. to the lobby, a dialogue that going to take grasp of rock monster dill. right after completion, you get the first look, something for medicine and equipment, because the maze or Yaoda relatively long. (Recommended Dream glass into the team, her style of study skills, because she's more than magic, magic is not easy to lack of worry.) Yamen out the right gate to go out after that Eight of the Mt.

Monster is now relatively little difficult, it is best not to blame the lead together with the infighting likely die. Tianhe play arrow to play the fox on the use of Fei, a hit on the second. Lingsha case of bees to steal more and more with the theft of the queen honey. Big box in the record points to the left, female monster dill rock this maze is not very strong, but the poison will, but more the basic out of blame.

Love eternal rock maze:

The first layer of the first to find a luminous point, and then to the second layer can be triggered. The second floor, walked a bunch of cats (wolf?) Group in the body trigger the plot, unfortunately Lingsha fall into the trap. Mengli proposal to three find Lingsha. to continue to take three. three-story met the right trigger to go Lingsha, Lingsha rejoin. three and a layer of equally bright spot, but there are two, about 1. triggered after two entrances down the left side there is a large flower, with a box, so the right is correct. three began a kind of scorpion, theft can be retrogradation cents to drink (a lot of fine revival!) Remember, multi-steal. four also has two LED points, triggering two after the entrance, the correct entry in the right. five also have two entrances are the upper left corner, not the middle. There go the middle of the box. continue after six, first go to the left of the two trigger bright spot, go on the right trigger a glittering point. there are two entrance. go left after the big box on the right is the right, go after the record over to where the trigger large flower plot. dialogue with the monster that they are In order to protect their food requirements would not let outsiders close to evening primrose, willow, and others as not good to kill monsters in return they send them to a soil Ling Zhu. Lingzhu out with soil after the lake's enemies meet, dialogue Yu Jian left after two. then back to Shouyang Yamen, glass and parents dream of dialogue, this time by Ling Yun Tian yarn out of yarn too boring for the time being leaving the team Ling, Ling Liu yarn called Cloud Milky Way in the House go shopping, then Liu Yuan Pavilion to trigger the government's story, (the right side of the peach blossom forest) and the dream of glass dialogue, finished Lingsha appear to plot. After the dialogue with the Link yarn back to the room to sleep (in the lower right corner of a large house outside No servant). sleep finished, the Yamen, experience dream glass, glass to their dream to go out with a pedestrian battles, also gave the bow to the Milky Way, Milky Way to learn new skills. Then the parents came to dream of glass, get some medicine to dream glass, a pedestrian on a rush out of Chen Shou state. gentian out before the first go pharmacy to buy some, it is estimated 20, playing with BOSS been, Ling Chen yarn to state that it is from the recent Huainan Wang tomb after. Huainan Wang tomb on the hill in the Eight go right after going public, After a series of twists and turns, finally to the Huainan Wang tomb. meet a ghost, dream glass proposed to investigate why. and then go play a game in front of the door very simple answer to the question mark character to be moved to the bottom. Open End organ enters. looking for a puzzle and just entered the same authority to move the bottom of the sea, authorities opened into the front hall. to the left of the aisle, to the rear. and then to plot the central trigger, trigger story After move, toads and a big box behind the seat. and then go left, into the labyrinth channel 2, to find a door to the puzzle, Dan the room after the fight is finished into BOSS . Then if the team 20 would be better if we had, if the whole dream of glass to the five elements assigned to the air above skills, they learn all the additional blood. If the dream is not all glass plus blood, can rely on gentian whole blood. BOSS The first fight could steal gentian * 3. The second fight could steal Fantasy prolonging Lu * 3. play: First of all open with a volley stardom playing Lingsha steal, and then dream of glass with Tian Xuan Wu Yin, Milky Way are the two round off the satellite with type. goes on a dream glass for blood can increase by a very simple (Shen Hydra Heart or gentian) `Milky Way with the second war in addition to normal save point outside the gas attack, the other the same, so after that story after the dialogue, Huainan Wang died, and then continue to puzzle, the answer is drunk, fight finished first with a Link to the left of the Canadian yarn box, get finished, the first archive, as three strong monster. depositors can be finished to the furnace through Dan to three. First of all go straight to take the box, and then go back to fork in the road turn right, do not Shui in the end, both before the onset of the right, select the front of the road, that is, channel 4. Channel 4, the walk to the underground passage, with doors of authority not a destination, as it will return to front hall. along the recording point, go straight, then turn left, it wants to see the arrow. After going out to bowl Akiyama, maze is simple, do not state a few steps to Chen. Then Link found Milky Way and Dream glass yarn gone to east corner of the music in the station where to find them, the plot dialogue, back to the inn, took 300 paper a hotel, go west of the Ferry Inn go to the temple, the temple has come to head , to the right and Qin Ji dialogue, then that is a maze.

Here to say, the point needs flint Candlestick monster who can only play out, so people should avoid monsters Oh.

Went in to take notes, take notes along the direction has been run you will see a door, inside, into the middle of a candle, open the door inside, the stairs to the right just up Layer 2 .2 level, to the candle lighting, open authority to move forward on the 3rd floor.

Note 鈷? black spots before getting up, not step on white circle.

Note 鈷? In fact, the same pattern going on right.

The first one:


鈯?鈼?鈼?鈼?鈼?br />
鈯?鈯?鈯?鈯?鈼?br />
鈼?鈼?鈼?鈯?鈼?br />
鈼?鈯?鈯?鈯?鈼?br />
鈼?鈯?鈼?鈼?鈼?br />

To the middle point of Candlestick



鈼?鈯?鈼?鈼?鈼?br />
鈼?鈯?鈯?鈯?鈼?br />
鈼?鈼?鈼?鈯?鈯?br />
鈼?鈼?鈼?鈼?鈯?br />
鈼?鈼?鈼?鈼?鈯?br />

Then to four of the layers, there are two necessary points of the candlestick, we pay attention to the next.

To five, and the first point of candlesticks, then into the organ.

Super body:


鈼?鈼?鈼?鈯?鈼?br />
鈯?鈯?鈯?鈯?鈼?br />
鈯?鈼?鈼?鈼?鈼?br />
鈯?鈯?鈯?鈯?鈯?br />
鈼?鈼?鈼?鈼?鈯?br />
鈼?鈼?鈼?鈯?鈯?Candlestick Point out

鈼?鈼?鈼?鈯?鈼?br />
鈯?鈯?鈯?鈯?鈼?br />
鈯?鈼?鈼?鈼?鈼?br />
鈯?鈯?鈼?鈼?鈼?br />
鈼?鈯?鈼?鈼?鈼?br />
鈼?鈯?鈯?鈯?鈼?br />

To six, first 鎵撴? was flint, the first seven points, finished the same candlestick.

Seven institutions is too much trouble, first finding a way out, and then went point candlestick, and then backtrack

Burst strength organs:

Go out into the 鈼?br />
鈯?鈼?鈼?鈼?鈼?鈯?鈼?br />
鈯?鈯?鈼?鈼?鈼?鈯?鈼?br />
鈼?鈯?鈼?鈼?鈼?鈯?鈼?鈼?鈼?br />
鈼?鈯?鈼?鈼?鈯?鈯?鈯?鈯?鈯?br />
鈯?鈯?鈼?鈼?鈯?鈼?鈼?鈼?鈼?br />
鈯?鈼?鈼?鈼?鈯?鈯?鈯?鈯?Candlestick backtrack

鈯?鈯?鈼?鈼?鈼?鈼?鈼?鈼?鈼?br />
鈼?鈯?鈯?鈯?鈼?鈼?鈼?鈼?鈼?br />
鈼?鈼?鈼?鈯?鈼?鈼?鈼?鈼?鈼?br />
鈼?鈼?鈼?鈯?鈼?鈼?鈼?鈼?br />
鈯?鈯?鈯?鈯?鈼?鈼?鈼?br />
鈯?鈼?鈼?鈼?鈼?鈼?鈼?br />
Entrance 鈼?br />
To the eighth floor, and story dialogue, Qin Ji left. Then back to the inn, downstairs, and others just met Xuan machine, smooth coach, the gate and go join them, followed by Yu Jian flight animation. finally to the destination, Lingsha suddenly collapsed, and Tianhe requirements first went to rest under the inn. to the inn after the break, starting to Spirit Mountain, starting before the consolidation of equipment and medicines, recommended for forging, forging equipment, much better than bought. materials the store has sold some materials have to sell groceries. in the drugstore near the gate, out of town after sowing cents, to Spirit Mountain, encounter monsters, purple appears once again to save the British a pedestrian, the plot began maze of dialogue and After . first floor there's really nothing, purple monster buckle blood. The second layer of the green monster encounter will delay your walk, to the story triggered a bridge, keep going. Here we note that, in one non-Head Monster very powerful, but with the edge of the wind wall + normal attack is easy to kill. then that is the third level, and there's really nothing, pay attention to the blood, ice encountered by strange wild spaces and hit. Qionghua sent three known everything about genome is . into the plot after the dialogue, head of the interview, head to tell if we worship into the three-martial, was first tested, and then continue the dialogue reached the fantasy. and the old man dialogue, need to open the lower 99 wine, this time playing a game the same, but the fighting is also important to note that the time button, not shown. get 99 drink and Seno dialogue, reached the next place. where the next test is to get 13 9 stone, where no time limit, consider leveling. Lingsha threw with heaven and earth, both to make money but also have experience, a rare place! want to make money here, leveling, We've got Yuanshi Star Zula! take complete 13 9 stone, go back, after the Milky Way found in the dialogue took three nine stone, Treasurer furious start. open play before stealing what, 9999 money Oh! is finished Lingsha Using good ideas, through all the tests, then the original God back to body, started successfully, but found that Britain is their master violet, purple, after dialogue with the British call you first go to his disciples break room, rest finished up in the morning to join the Central Government and all. then a dialogue is the story, and then acquisition Yu Jian flight. Purple Britain a few hour emergency leave, this time Lingsha proposal down, you will follow down the mountain. to the gate, the flight flew out of the desert with Yu Jian. to the desert, after the dialogue forward, the maze there are some sand, You will encounter sand blown from the place where you are standing next to the point. to the end of a village, the plot dialogue, mayor hope to help find water Ling Zhu, Zi Ling Zhu Ying tell you that water is a treasure of King Wah School Town School, dialogue After purple should be agreed to try, then head back to look for King Wah sent by Ling Zhu, head of the Ling Zhu refused to take water, you can only reluctantly returned to his room to rest first. night, wake Tian Ling Jam glass proposed forbidden to look at Edward Tian agreed forbidden

Sets out the sword. To the forbidden encounter monster, war, Lingsha proposed to continue forward. Steal monsters here are good things, everyone was stealing points, with 5 gas. Into the forbidden depths of a person found turned out to be his father's brothers Tian, Xiao-Xuan, dialogue, you go back after the break. Tianhe morning to sleep late once again, is fine to think back to Purple Valley, the British soul-searching, the plot dialogue, ready to go off-limits to find Xuan Tian Xiao, when Lingsha appears, Ling Tian yarn requirements and go, Yuen Xiao told the Milky Way itself would like to come out, but the lack of three cold device, Milky Way agreed to help collect, King Wah Yuen Xiao told them to send two elders to know where the two pieces of cold devices, newly hatched forbidden the British case of purple, violet, Tianhe the causes and effects to tell the British, the British agreed to go with purple. first go drunk Hua Yin, inside the maze is simple, two or three to the breeze on the Stream, the two elders told The first cold device in Jimo, Jimo to proceed. to Jimo, found that talking with several people around the dialogue, we learned that the daughter of Lin Bao Xia Yuanchen abducted by fox, and Milky Way, and others willing to help Xiayuan Chen Po Lin recovered. fox home, the attention to a small blue ghosts, encountered it is very troublesome, maze nothing to say, to the end is the fox was. The first groups of BOSS is not difficult to play, throwing a drug Lingsha method is easy to solve other people, followed by original God out a bit more difficult. is finished Xiayuan Chen told a cold device, called everyone to my house to take this time to go out with soil Ling Zhu, Tian told the villagers to fight off the fox was in the village who appreciate Milky Way. At this time last summer at home Take cold finished device, came out at night enjoy the lantern animation. then sent back to King Wah's forbidden, the device to the cold room to sleep after Xiao Xuan. the morning to go out, and all set to go with cold Shennong holes continue to search for devices, Yan Shen Nong hole in the big map. to the Yan Emperor Shen Nong-dong, go find a monster assault, destroy the monster and the girl were injured in the dialogue, to continue to move the maze. The first three forks, the right is correct, the second three-fork in the road, the former is correct, and the third the second fork in the road, the left is correct, it follows that all the way along in the end, and to the hole story after the trigger, that need to find Sunburn Yan Shi, Jin Zhi Yan-dong, the first went to authorities the right foot, and then to the central, a kind of Xiaoguai Lions can steal Fantasy prolonging exposed, to the left foot organ, after authorities stepped on a few pieces of slate finished, jump to the middle way in the end, to the story in front of Zhi Shi Yan After the dialogue is BOSS.BOSS can steal the purple Ching * 5. is finished back

After using up his back, the two sisters after the death animation, by Thoreau fruit, using soil Ling Zhu sent out will be King Wah. To King Wah, Ling yarn teacher accused of stealing and out the door, hall to find time to master. Until the night , head still refuses to see them, and everyone decided to go to a cold lake to find the final device. to the lake, the fishermen face drowning, dream glass Tests showed he needed after the fishermen have learned that the lake monster. goes on the maze, the Labyrinth relatively large eagle species can steal Purple Jing Yu Yung-cream, but also a lot of ore within the maze. to the center of the lake, into the lake country, run to the right, encountered rock female kitten who dill, purple English because they are cats kill them, Milky Way, and others to stop, the British leaving in purple, cats know where the cold device, called everyone to the top. get cold converters, go out, because the first back glass Shouyang dream, then dream of glass leaving the team left the team. sent back to King Wah, Ling yarn because it is not comfortable, go off-limits before leaving the team Milky Way, the last pieces of cold device with the sword to the mysterious Xiao Wang Shu, return to a rest room. Then there dream of glass, say a bunch of weird words ran away, Ling Tian yarn saw asked the reasons, Tianhe haired fog, then demon world to attack, Lingsha collapsed, Ling called the Milky Way first went looking for yarn glass dream, that dream of glass in the head volume. to paper head, dream glass into the demon world. then release the power to resist the demon world come in Tianhe, Milky Way down, then there saved the British Purple Tianhe. Tianhe woke up, ready to look into the demon world Xuan Xiao way to the forbidden area found themselves unexpectedly been cheated by Xiao Xuan. helpless, Milky Way to find out the truth, with Yu Jian Jian flight to breeze to find the reasons for the elders asked, that ghosts have a shade film industry branch, can pass through any enchantment, but the ghost sector entry in the ill-Hill, Hill then go ill. in. After the wolf has fantasy world inside crystal, steal, fight BOSS easy to use! find a crystal that trigger the body flash, puzzle is to even up the white road on OK. goes on in the maze also To fight. to Longqiao it encountered long dialogue, and move on. same authority, to the end of the encounter dragons, war, dragon with five soul, then the basic die, but we can use the stolen magic circles crystal to resist spells. play After long cast to help everyone, and then into the ghost world, to a ghost world, to the central front in a large law trigger the plot, Lingsha nebula shadow sticks over the past stolen. Yun Tian heard the runner sets a dialogue with their loved ones So to the past, wheel sets, on the front. into the story after the trigger, met sky blue, sky blue half complete disappearance of the dialogue is the effect of cloud cast Tian and others disappeared, Guizu found them yang, elegance of First Instance 3 birds to remind them to quickly escape, Wang interval of time there, telling everyone to flee to exile Yuan. went in to the end of the boat, met Lingsha uncle, the plot dialogue is completed, to the Feng Du.

Out of the city, Ling Ling yarn to go to Gods, Milky Way purple Britain repeated the advice, but Lingsha not listen, unfortunately only with the yarn to go with Link. Fengshen mausoleum body needs three kinds of beads and Hercules guarding the archer body, red beads Hercules hardest hit. is finished turn the beads into each of three dragons mouth, triggering authorities, to bow in front of trigger story. experience the patron saint of sentence Mountain, open play, kick down the BOSS be Yi shoot the bow, sent back to King Wah. and then to King Wah volume faction head, triggering the plot, using the shadow shadow sticks into the demon world. into the demon world and the two soldiers after the war, go kill the evil generals finished there, another fight , kick down the glass appears to stop after the dream, that dream after the story dialogue is magic dark glass patriarch's daughter, dreams glass please enter the circle and discuss in detail the method the town until you come to head into the room dark clan elders met Chan quiet magic , Dream of glass after the dialogue, please send them to the magic dark mother house, so that they understand some of the facts, Chan quiet dark magic spell to send them to the palace, then look at the plot, Milky Way, and others to understand some of the truth. After reading found Qionghua school called, and then sent his disciples to go out and Qionghua open play, animation pregnant Purple Moon for the British and died to protect, followed Maze. out of the demon world, the dialogue with the Yuen Xiao Wang Shu with a sword that will consume Lingsha soul, Yuen Xiao Ling Zhu gave the water Tianhe, animation Milky Way would like to take back Wangshu sword, but not successful, then back to demon world, dialogue has been completed, Chan Chuan secluded place to dream glass, glass the Milky Way, and others dream of return one sector crescent village, but people have left the water Ling Zhu also useless, Milky Way for the Link to find continued life of the Law of yarn go looking for elder Stream breeze. But then, to the breeze Stream, the elders were the West to re-light, while the elder looks Qingyang old, Xiao-Xuan came to know in order to stop the mysterious Xiao, Qingyang elders please Tian Hui Qing Luan and others were refined peak search for the elders of the year left a note. to Glendale Peak, Milky Way into the room to find books, not foreseen phone Lingsha may find yourself, out, surprise, the British saw that it is accurate Purple, the original tomb was Lingsha get into when Emmanuel Yu Shun Shouna algae, the night Milky Way out of the house and purple English dialogue. Tsz Ying told the Milky Way have way to save, but more difficult, Tianhe helpless, purple English for Milky Way would like to look, then entered the room, Milky Way found Lingsha missing, then go to cabins and found Lingsha, after the dialogue that Lingsha want to end their Save Xuan Xiao, purple Britain appeared to tell her, even if she died, not necessarily solve things, so we first went to look at the situation in the town of broadcast cents, to read the situation found in the town of sowing cents, Yuen Xiao has begun to practice, but also affecting the people . then immediately rushed to the King Wah School. Here we note that this is the last of a maze, and you please re-enter bought equipment and medicines, although you can go out. enter Qionghua school and found Qionghua sent beyond recognition, this鏃跺嚭鐜扮传鑻辩殑甯堝厔,闃绘嫤浠栦滑鍓嶈繘,绱嫳鍙ソ鍑烘墜灏嗕粬鎵撹触.杩欎釜杩峰閮芥湁宸ㄥ瀷鐨勫皬BOSS,鍚勪綅鎱庨噸鎵?閮芥槸寰圔T鐨勬?鐗?閲岄潰鐨勮嵂鍩烘湰閮芥槸鏈?ソ浜?澶у涓嶈閿欒繃.寰?嵎椋庡彴鍘?鍙戠幇鐜勯渼涓庢帉闂?澶╂渤绛変汉鍔濋樆,鍗存棤鐢?鍙ソ寮?垬.绗竴鎴?濡傛灉鐜勯渼鍑忎簡浣犵殑閫熷彲浠ラ潬姊︾拑鐨勫ぉ鐜勪簲闊虫垨椋庣郴鐨勪粰椋庝簯浣撴湳瑕嗙洊鎺?绗簩鎴樻瘮杈傿T,鍥犱负鎺岄棬涓庣巹闇勫悎鍔?鎺岄棬姣旇緝闅炬墦,鍩烘湰鐢ㄤ粈涔堥兘浼氬弽寮?闄や簡鏆楀櫒),涓嶈繃鎵撳畬鎺岄棬灏辩瓑浜庤儨鍒╀簡.鎵撳畬鍚?涔濆ぉ鐜勫コ涓嬪嚒,鎶婄巹闇勫拰鎺岄棬閫佸埌浜嗕笢娴?鑰岃繖鏃剁惣鍗庡洜涓虹巹闇勫拰鎺岄棬淇偧鍘熷洜蹇宕╁,娉㈠強鐧惧,澶╂渤涓轰簡鎷晳鐧惧,鎷垮嚭鍚庣究灏勬棩寮?鎶婄惣鍗庢淳姣佹帀, 浣嗘槸鑷繁鐪肩潧涔熺瀻浜?鏈?悗灏辨槸缁撳眬鍔ㄧ敾浜?br />


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